Friscal Home - The Toolkit for FOREX Trading

Friscal is the FOREX risk calculator and toolkit for the intelligent trader.


Are you:

  • Tired of using clumbsy websites and spreadsheets to calculate your position size?
  • Want all of the risk information and trade stats in one place?
  • Want to use your broker's currency quotes without flicking between screens and manually entering them in?
  • Frustrated with trying to work out market times and when you should be trading?

Then you need Friscal!

  • All in one Toolkit Friscal combines position size and risk calculation, pip to value conversion, market times and more into a single, usable screen. This gives you quick access to all the necessary trade setup information.
  • Market Times With Friscal's graphical Market Bars you can instantly see where in the trading session you are, ensuring you're trading at optimum times for your trading strategy.
  • Market Clocks No longer do you have to manually calculate times in other timezones! Friscal has interactive Market Clocks allowing you to set a particular time and see what time it is in another market's timezone.
  • Use YOUR broker's data MetaTrader 4 quotes can be fed directly into Friscal so you can trade with REAL quotes, giving you more realistic estimates for trade costs and expected profits.

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