Friscal Overview - The Windows Based Application for Forex Trading

Friscal is a Windows based FOREX risk, lot size and market time calculator and toolkit for assisting you with your FOREX currency trading.

It combines many useful features and calculations that are critical to being a successful, long-term FOREX currency trader.

Friscal has been designed to be used in conjunction with your trading strategy to assist with day to day lot size calculation, trade setup calculations and trade risk values. It provides users with a simple, yet powerful interface for calculating the risk, money management and trade strategy values that all good currency traders need for long-term success in the FOREX market. By entering in trade setup information, such as the currency pair, your proposed entry price, stoploss, take profit and risk limit, Friscal calculates your potential profit and loss, your true leverage that you'll be using for the trade and other useful values to help you make the descision whether to execute that trade or not.

As well as this core functionality, Friscal assists you in setting up trade strategy parameters, by allowing you to play with the values dynamically in the one screen so you can adjust your lot size, capital risk, take profit and stoploss until you're comfortable with a set of parameters with which to trade. These can then be documented as part of your strategy.

The FOREX market is traded 24hrs a day, 6 days a week by people from around the world. When deciding when you should be trading or trying to follow a trading strategy that is based around certain market hours it can get very confusing very quickly to work out your local trading times. Friscal takes care of this need by providing the user with market clocks that allow the conversion of times between the different market time-zones in a snap. It also displays the major FOREX markets as graphical bars allowing you to see at a glance where you are in a market session.

Are you trading with a non USD currency account? No problem, Friscal handles this and performs the necessary conversions.

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