Friscal Features - Incredible features for FOREX trading

Friscal has these great features...

Risk and Calculations

  • Simplifies FOREX Trade Risk calculations
  • Easily convert from pip counts to stoploss and take profit values and vice versa
  • Assists in deciding on strategy parameters
  • Assists in determining if a 3rd party strategy fits your risk profile and has sensible trading parameters
  • Deals with non-US accounts and correctly determines margins, true leverage and trade costs

Time Conversions

  • Easily convert times into the market timezone of your choosing.
  • Helps determine if a strategy suits your trading times.
  • Market Times are displayed in your timezone
  • Calculates time till session start and end

Market View

  • Graphical view of current or upcoming market sessions
  • Market bars provide a quick glance view of the global market times
  • Provides an overview list of currency quotes
  • Integrates with MetaTrader 4 so the quotes you're trading with are the quotes with which you're performing calculations.
  • Work with real-time quotes
  • Can be used offline or with a non-MetaTrader 4 trading platform.


  • Customisable market bars
  • Customisable market times with all of the timezone conversions done for you.
  • Customise the currency quotes and display only what symbols you are interested in
  • Customisable currency symbol mapping allowing Friscal to deal with your broker's symbol names (e.g. map EURUSDFXF to EURUSD)

Plus much more...

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