Friscal Screenshots - Easy to follow, quick access displays

Main Window

The main window of Friscal has been designed for quick access and to display useful information on the one screen.

Main Screen

Customisable Currency Quote Display

These screens show the configuration of the currency quote symbols. Friscal allows you to map the symbol names coming from your broker into standard currency symbol names (e.g. Broker's symbol: EURUSDFXF to Friscal's Symbol: EURUSD) as well as allowing you to only display the currency quotes you're interested in for your day to day trading.

Customisable Currency Quotes

Customisable Market Times

By default, Friscal has been configured to use the standard FOREX market times of the major markets and adjust for day-light savings time in their respective timezones. However, you can customize these times so you can hide certain markets, define a trading period for yourself or alter the market times if they change for whatever reason.

Customisale Market Times  Customisable Market Bars

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